Terms of use

Terms are a mixture of rules and things to know, like what we do with your data. Applying for teacher training here means you agree to our terms.

If you do not follow them your application might be withdrawn.

Other things to know:

  • All information you give must be truthful and as accurate as possible.
  • Wherever you’re applying from, you must not use our website for illegal or fraudulent reasons.
  • You must not gather or use data from our website, or use data in a way that is not allowed by our privacy policy.
  • You must not use abusive language or behaviour towards anyone you come into contact with.

Applying for teacher training courses

Stage 1: Submitting your initial application

You can apply for a total of 3 courses across our service and UCAS. We share your information between us, and with organisations that provide teacher training.

As long as you use the same email address, you only need to sign up once across our service and UCAS.

If you apply for a course or accept an offer on both, we’ll get in touch with you to cancel one of your applications.

Stage 2: Apply again if your application was not successful

You can apply for another course at this stage if you do not get an offer or if you choose not to accept your offers.

Get Into Teaching can guide you through the process of applying for more courses. Contact them for free on 0800 389 2500, or chat to an adviser using the online chat service.

Making changes to your application

Once you submit your application it is automatically sent to the training provider. To change your application after you’ve submitted it, contact us as soon as possible at becomingateacher@digital.education.gov.uk.

You can ask us to add courses (if you have not reached your limit of 3) and change your name and contact details too.

If you have heard back from your training provider, for example if they have turned down your application, we will not be able to change your choice of course.

Withdrawing your application

You can withdraw your application at any point, even after you have accepted an offer.

Sign in to your account and click ‘withdraw’ next to the course you want to withdraw.

Outcome of your application

The Department of Education does not decide on your application. The course provider does.

If a course provider does not make a decision within 40 working days your application will automatically be turned down.

You have 10 working days to accept or decline an offer from a training provider.

The 10 days starts once you’ve heard back from all of the course providers you have applied to.

If you’re applying through both UCAS and Apply for teacher training, be aware that the 10 days might start at different times.

How we check your suitability for working with children

All candidates must have an enhanced DBS check. This will show up any spent or unspent criminal convictions.

Not all convictions will stop you from teaching. Talk to your provider about their policy on criminal convictions.

Your name will also be checked against a DBS list of people who have been barred from working with children.

Questions or support

If you need our help, email becomingateacher@digital.education.gov.uk.

We respond within 5 working days, or 1 working day for more urgent queries.

If you’re applying from overseas, you can find out more about becoming a teacher in England in our guidance for overseas graduates.

Changing our service

Our service is always evolving, and we will make changes from time to time. We will not tell you about the changes beforehand. We will let you know if the website will be unavailable while we’re updating it.

About your online account

When you start your application, we’ll create an account for you automatically. Any information you give will be stored there. We’ll keep your data safe and only use it in line with our privacy policy.

You do not need a password for your account. Instead, each time you log in, we’ll email you a unique and secure link.